The company Simonetto Gianfranco operating for over 20 years in the international market maintains its headquarters in the heart of northeastern Italian in one of the most renowned industrial districts: the District Goldsmith Vicentino.

Initially founded as a joint venture of two young brothers, Gianfranco Simonetto and Enzo, has made its entry into the world of gold with a small workshop, which laid the foundations of the building ampliatosi over the years both in size and number of machinery. The company is now equipped with the most modern production technologies side by side with innovation and originality of the brothers Simonetto.

While still managing to be present with its products to many overseas markets, the choice of keeping the small business over the years proved to be a winning choice remaining flexible, dynamic and reliable point of reference for the most demanding customer.

Highlight of the production has always been the lumachina, has also become a distinctive sign and company logo, a traditional chain of unparalleled strength, revised and transformed into a jewel of a newly developed, modern and with great features.

One of the key ideas that characterized the style of the firm Simonetto Gianfranco has always been to give due importance to every detail of every single mesh by placing the right diamond cutting to create light effects that give each jewel and the one who wears a distinctive from the rest of the mass.